Melissa’s Joy Project

It’s easy for us to get lost in things that steal our joy.

It is so easy for us to get lost in things that steal our joy. We can get caught up in the day to day of life and before we know it, we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore, much less know what our “interest” or hobbies are. I always hated the question, “what are your hobbies?”. HOBBIES…..what is that?

I have decided to take back the joy in my life. It’s easy for me to point out the negative things that happen each day but it is harder for me to focus on and point out the things that have brought me joy throughout each day. Why is that? Why do I always seem to go to the negative things first? So I am going on a journey to create joy and to find the joy in realizing and fulfilling my purpose. I am going to spend 2018 on this intentional, joy seeking and purpose driven adventure.

I am going to blog my way through experiments of embarking on different experiences that will help me in my quest of bringing joy back. Some of those things will include the journey of  experimenting with different types of exercise. This could be hilarious in and of itself! I want to travel more. I want to eat better and try cooking dishes I have never tried to cook before. I want to try different types of foods I have never tried before. I want to get together with different types of people and experience different cultures. I want to volunteer more.

You will get to laugh with me and probably AT me. You will get to experience my victories as well as those times that I might fail. You will see me when I am loving what I am doing and when I try something that I find out does NOT bring me joy. You will probably see my at my best and definitely at my worst but that doesn’t bother me. I am not just doing this for me. I am also doing this for YOU!  I am hoping to create some wonderful joy filled experiences. I am hoping to find some things that I can become passionate about that I had no idea I would love so much. I am hoping to find a joy in creating and fulfilling my purpose in life. That calling that God has created for me. I am also hoping that I might gain some new friends who might want to go on this journey with me. I am hoping that this may motivate and encourage many of you to go on this journey to find your joy and purpose in life.

So I want you to follow along with this entertaining adventure that I am going to embark on as I become more intentional in creating joy in my life. I hope you will participate in this experiment and we can all share our adventures together and the things we are learning through this process.  You can also follow along with me as I vlog my experiences. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (link coming soon) so you don’t miss anything! Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Author: Melissa Wilhoite

I am a wife and mom who loves Jesus and has found purpose in helping others find their purpose. Helping others get unstuck with life becomes a little overwhelming and you can't seem to see what that next step is or you feel paralyzed. I get joy in seeing that spark light up in people's eyes when they thought it was lost.

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