How to Conquer Monsters

When I decided that I was going to follow through with this little idea I had, I didn’t realize that I would need to put on my warrior armor and get my sword ready to slay monsters, but that is exactly what happened. When we have an idea that we feel passionate about and we decide to follow through on that idea, we don’t realize it, but we set off a set of alarms, bells and whistles. These alarms go out and wake up these awful monsters that are named “fear”, “doubt” and “anxiety”. These are horrible monsters that always know when to pounce. They lie waiting for whom they can devour. Hmm, I have heard that before (1 Peter 5:8).

It isn’t by accident that you start feeling overwhelmed by those feelings of fear, doubt and anxiety. These monsters are master liars and they are LOUD! They try to drown out any sense of logic or truth. Their only job is to stop you from moving forward with the plans that you have made to grow, become a better person and do something good for the world. The best way to do that is for them to tell you these lies. Lies like, “you are not good enough”; “you will fail”; “no-one will take you seriously”; “you don’t know how to do that”; “no-one will want to hear what you have to say”; “you will never amount to anything”, etc. Do any of these sound familiar? ALL of these are lies that I have heard at one time and sometimes I hear them ALL IN ONE DAY. These monsters don’t just pick men or women, they target both genders. I am finding though that women tend to give in to these monsters more than men do. It manifests itself different into another monster called guilt. Especially if you have children. These monsters make you feel like you are not a good mom. That you are “neglecting your children” if you follow these dreams or calling.

While on this journey that I am on, I have found that these monsters have been even bigger and louder than usual. They almost won. They almost paralyzed me. I decided that I was not going to let them win. So I came up with a battle plan. A plan to fight these monsters BEFORE They start and then how to dig in and FIGHT when they feel like they are taking over. After I came up with this plan and then realized that I cannot be the only person that deals with these issues. There has to be others out there that feel the pressure of these monsters hovering over them. So it’s time we stand up, stick together and remember that there is strength in numbers.


The first thing you need to do when these monsters start attacking is to get your flashlight out. What? What does that mean? It means to call out those fears. Bring them out of the shadows. Monsters hide in the shadows. We give them more power when we tried to ignore them or hide the fact that the fears are there. That never works. So when you feel those fears, doubts and anxiety coming at you, write them down. List them out. Shining a light on them takes power away from them. You are acknowledging that, yes, this is a fear but it will not stop me! So make those lists! Look those fears, anxiety and doubts in the face and then tell them they are not true. Tell them that they have no power over you. That brings me to the next step.


After you have pulled each monster out, it’s time to face each one with truth. After I wrote out each lie, I had to remind myself of the truth. Make the truth bigger. So there are two ways you can do this. The first thing that I did was remember how God has proven that those fears where lies. I am a Christian so the Bible is very important to me. It brings me comfort, guidance and truth. So as I read off the fear, I immediately remembered scripture that told me truth. That reminded me of God’s promises. It reminded me that fear does not come from God, 2 Timothy 1:7. Just that verse alone help me to identify that these monsters are out to keep me from moving forward. That they are up to no good. So I am able to call them out as liars. Then I remembered verses like, Psalm 23 and Jeremiah 29:11.

The second thing I did was write down beside each lie how circumstances and situation from the past and present refuted those lies. Examples of things I have done that show I do have what it takes to follow through, etc. So for example, if the lie is, “You don’t know how to ______”.  The truth: “I also didn’t know how to be a mom but I learned”, etc. You get the picture?

Once you have written these out, keep them out where you can go back through them regularly. You WILL need to be reminded of these daily. You will need to be reminded that they have NO power over you and they are lies. You will need to remind yourself of the truth.


Once you have identified the lies, taken the power away from them by proving them wrong, you need to surround yourself with constant protection to keep the monsters away. I do this by reading books that help encourage me and keep me aware. I also talk about it with a community who can help encourage me and whom I can help encourage. The Bible is the number one place I try to go daily to help keep me aware. I also have read Alli Worthington’s book, Fierce Faith: A Women’s Guide to Fighting Fear, Wrestling Worry and Overcoming Anxiety. This is an amazing book that made me feel like I was normal and helps me stay on guard to recognize when the monsters start creeping in and reminds me to start fighting. Another gem that I recently read is a book by Rachel Hollis called, Girl Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Are Meant to Be.  This is a well written book that had me calling out those lies and ready to get down to the business at hand.

Both of these books I listened to through Audible and I will confess I listened to both of them more than once. I listen to them in my car on my way to work and on my way home from work. I also listen to them in my office. I found if I read things that helped me identify those lies quicker and surrounded myself with positive influences, it becomes easier to do what you are meant to do without giving in to those monsters who are out to harm you and paralyze you.

I have found that if the lies are getting louder in my head then that must mean I have something that is going to make a difference and the enemy does NOT like that and will do whatever it takes to keep me from moving forward. I am not willing to give in to that. I am not willing to let the monsters win. It’s time we stand up and fight. So be very intentional about your plan to fight these off. You can’t go to battle without a plan. God has some great things planned for me and I will not allow those monsters to steal that joy from me and I don’t want you to allow them to steal that joy from you either.

I hope that some of this has been helpful for you. I hope some of these tips will help you shine a light on some of your monsters and take the power back and start working on that dream or calling that you have felt. You can do this! WE can do this! I would love to hear from some of you. I would love to hear what fears you will call out and take the power away from. It’s time for you to take control and follow through with that dream, calling or goal that you have felt you should start. It’s GO time!


Author: Melissa Wilhoite

I am a wife and mom who loves Jesus and has found purpose in helping others find their purpose. Helping others get unstuck with life becomes a little overwhelming and you can't seem to see what that next step is or you feel paralyzed. I get joy in seeing that spark light up in people's eyes when they thought it was lost.

One thought on “How to Conquer Monsters”

  1. Excellent. Full of truth and spiritual revelation. Truth is the victor over the lies of the devil. As we are convinced of Truth and focus on truth, we become free of the lies. And, yes, those strongholds of fear sometimes require our listening over and over to Bible teaching until we are convinced of truth. Great article. ❤️


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