I Love to Travel but Getting there Stinks!

I love to travel! I love the excitement of exploring a new place. I love the memories that are created; meeting new people; experiencing the culture. I love it ALL, except…..traveling.

AmsterdamI love to travel! I love the excitement of exploring a new place. I love the memories that are created; meeting new people; experiencing the culture. I love it ALL, except…..traveling. The time that it takes to get  to the destination is not my favorite. The long journey sitting in the car, not moving, stuck in traffic, having to find a bathroom that won’t give me some rare disease. I hate all of it!  Then there is the journey of flying! Standing in lines, feeling like you are being herded like cattle, sitting in cramped seats beside a stranger who could care less about your personal space and of course there are the bathrooms!!

The actual journey to get to the destination is NOT always fun. There are so many things that can go wrong but just when you are asking yourself if it is all worth it, you reach your destination and  WOW! You forget about all the travel pains you just went through. You discover this amazing place with amazing food and fabulous people. If you had avoided the car ride or flight you would have missed it all.

I have found that I have the same problem within my life. I love getting to the purpose that God has for me but I HATE the journey it takes to get there. Do you ever wonder why you have to go through so many painful things while you are trying to obey God and what he is asking you to do? That stepping out on faith thing is HARD! I always have more questions than answers. I always want to know what the end looks like or at least some of the major details.  The thing is, God doesn’t work that way. How many times have you told yourself, “if I had known I would be where I am right now I would not have believed it”? That is kind of the point. God doesn’t show us the end because there is a metamorphosis that has to take place in order to become whom God wants us to be. If he did show us the destination, we probably would say, “there is NO WAY that I will be able to do that, or move there, or do that job. To follow through with the purpose that God has for us. The journey is necessary. The journey is where we learn. The journey is where we gain confidence and he educates us.

A few months ago I was introduced to something called the Enneagram. It is a personality test that really explores what things in your life helped create your personality and the motive behind why you do the things you do. There are 9 types. You can see they 9 types here. I am a 7. A 7 is The Enthusiast“. I can be fun, busy, spontaneous, scattered and distracted. All of those things I knew. I am like the dog, Dug, in the movie, Up. I can chase a million squirrels because I can get a million ideas, at once. So that was not enlightening to me. The thing that I learned about myself of being a 7, is that I tend to compartmentalize my emotions. I just plain avoid them if I can.

If something emotionally difficult is happening or emotionally tough, I will take that and put it in a “box” and set it to the side stating that I will deal with it later. That I have more important things to do first. The problem is that I never get back to it to “deal with it”. I just move on until too many of those boxes are stacked up and they topple over and I am in the middle of an emotional mess that my body makes me deal with. I tell you all of this because I learned that I don’t like the journey. Journeys are hard and can be difficult. They can be messy and they make me work hard on emotional things. I am not an emotional person so it is very uncomfortable for me to be emotional. I have learned that I have to go through the journey if I am going to grow and be a whole, healthy person. I’ve learned that I cannot experience true joy unless I go through the hard stuff, sometimes. Finding the purpose that God has for me requires me to go on that journey to learn what He needs me to learn so that I will be ready when it’s time for me to do what he wants me to do. So the journey may be hard but every time I have reached the destination I am never disappointed. So it is worth it!

There are so many people searching for their purpose. Everyone (including me) wants there to be this instant revelation of what they are supposed to do and then just blink their eyes and expect it to happen. Problem is, it just doesn’t work that way. We have to be willing to put in the work. We have to be willing to experience the pain that sometimes comes with the journey. We have to be willing to experience setbacks and failure. Then we get back up and start working at it again. We have to be persistent and disciplined. This goes with anything that is worth doing. If you want to lose weight, you have to go through the journey. If you want to start a business, you have to go through the journey. Every thing worth doing is worth the journey because that is where we learn.  God has this amazing thing that he wants to do in your life, but he will not do it FOR you. YOU have to do the work. You have to experience the journey and all the things that go with it. It will be hard but it will be worth it.

There will also be more than one journey. So let’s make a deal that we will embrace the journey knowing that the destination is out there.  I will share ONE of my current journey’s I am on right now. I am on a journey for my health. (This will be another post for another time) This journey will not be easy but I am committed to the destination.  I would love to hear what journey you might be on! Leave your comments below and let’s encourage each other as we go on our journeys so we can share the amazing destinations we accomplish!

Author: Melissa Wilhoite

I am a wife and mom who loves Jesus and has found purpose in helping others find their purpose. Helping others get unstuck with life becomes a little overwhelming and you can't seem to see what that next step is or you feel paralyzed. I get joy in seeing that spark light up in people's eyes when they thought it was lost.

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