On Purpose, For a Purpose

This week I had the opportunity to volunteer at my church during our annual VBS (Vacation Bible School). We had over 900 kids come from Monday – Thursday where they learned new songs, danced, played fun games, had great snacks, was able to serve the community by providing food for our Food Pantry, water bottles for the homeless and pack school supplies for our local school as well as learn how much they are loved by God.

I had the privilege of being able to be a “Bible Station” leader. I got to look kids from Kindergarten to Fifth grade in the eyes everyday and tell them that God made them ON PURPOSE FOR A PURPOSE. God tells us this in Genesis 1 and 2. I taught them how God shows us in Genesis 1 & 2 how he created every single thing and person, men and women, with intentionality for a specific purpose. You were created as a man and as a women on purpose for a purpose. That means we are ALL special in his eyes. He didn’t make a mistake when he created us. I feel like kids don’t hear this enough. THEY ARE SPECIAL!

As I was thinking through this week and all that was taught, I realized that there are SO many adults that haven’t heard this enough either. Life is HARD! We get mixed messages all the time. It’s hard to figure out what is truth and what is fiction. I have found that it is SUPER important to know where your source of truth is. A source that has never changed. A source that has proven it is right over and over again. A source that has history as proof. That source for me is the Bible. If that is the source of truth, then I have a place to look to whenever I am hearing mixed messages. BUT if I look to the Bible as the source of truth, then I have to take the ENTIRE Bible, not just pieces of it that I like.

This is what the Bible has shown me about YOU. God loves you. I know that because he created you. Because he said “he knew you BEFORE you were in your mother’s womb”- Jeremiah 1:5. That means he created YOU ON PURPOSE for a purpose. YOU ARE SPECIAL! He has a purpose for you. He has plans for you. You are worthy. I also know this because as soon as sin entered the world with Adam and Eve in Genesis, He had a rescue plan ready. That rescue plan was JesusHe sent his only Son, Jesus for YOU! Through Jesus Christ, YOU can have a special relationship with God unlike any relationship you have ever had. He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. He will NEVER let you down. He is there throughout the highs and the lows. You will never be alone.

So if someone needs to hear this today, YOU ARE SPECIAL! God LOVES you! He created you on purpose, for a purpose. You can trust Jesus with your life! Jesus invites you to follow him. All you have to do is truly believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the ONLY way to God (John 14:6), ask God to forgive you of your sins (the thing that keeps you from having a relationship with him) and receive the gift that Jesus did on the cross for in our place (Romans 6:23 and John 3:16)….to allow you to live in a relationship with God and to follow Jesus. To love people the way Jesus loves us.

These are all things I got to teach the kids this week and oh what a reminder for us, as well. YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE LOVED!

Author: Melissa Wilhoite

I am a wife and mom who loves Jesus and has found purpose in helping others find their purpose. Helping others get unstuck with life becomes a little overwhelming and you can't seem to see what that next step is or you feel paralyzed. I get joy in seeing that spark light up in people's eyes when they thought it was lost.

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