Melissa Wilhoite-2017-12-04 My name is Melissa Joy and I live in Tennessee. I am happily married wife who has been married over 23 years. I have two amazing “kids” who are 21 and 16.  I work full time, volunteer at my church every week and generally love life. I have found that life can take over sometimes and then you look up and suddenly years have gone by and you aren’t sure where the time went. When this happens our Joy tends to get sucked out of us because we haven’t been intentional about pursuing joy. Well I am on a quest to create joy and in-turn discover purpose. I have decided to be very intentional about my life and I want to encourage you to do the same.

This blog is the beginning of me trying new things. I am going to find new organizations to volunteer. There is Joy when you find a purpose that is outside of you. Life is more than just me. I hope to encourage you to find ways to volunteer as well and I hope to create some opportunities where we can volunteer together. I also want to improve my quality of life so I can BE better in order to help others. I want to eat better, experiment with different ways to find fitness that is fun. I hope you can join me on this health journey as well.

I hope you will follow along with my “experiments” and join in. Let’s create Joy together!

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